Holiday Orders

All I can say is Wow! My production crew and I just pulled 3 days of 16-20 hour shifts over the entire weekend. At this point nearly all of the orders that we said we could ship by Christmas have been shipped. There are a small number that are going out tonight and can still make it, but unfortunately there will be a few that simply cannot get there in time, which were mostly international orders as we simply can’t get items through customs fast enough no matter what we do.

Huge props go out to Justin, who just pulled the longest graveyard shift we’ve never done. The sewing machines stayed busy from 6am until 6am, our first 24 hour day in the history of the company. Justin, if you’re reading this, name the place, I’m buying because you totally deserve some recognition bro.

I’m now at my day job after having only a few hours sleep, so I appologize if my post is spacey, but I wanted to take the time out to let our customer’s know that we understand and appreciate how much thought and effort goes into making a great holiday for your loved ones and we especially appreciate that you guys gave us a chance to be part of making your holiday special. We’ll continue to do our best to keep everyone happy and I’ll be back to whipping the elves as soon as I catch another short nap after work.

In the mean time, from all of us at Slackline Express, Happy Holidays!

Joe Kuster
Slackline Express