Drunk Drivers

Last night at 9pm, my wife’s car was hit by a drunk driver while she was coming home from work. A car turned against the light and T-boned into the engine compartment. We spent all of last night in the ER, but we think things are going to be OK. She was released this morning, but still has some injuries to deal with (mostly an extreme case of whiplash and blunt force stuff from the seatbelt and airbags). Luckily, the Catscans didn’t show any internal damage and no broken bones.

As such, we’ll be closed this week. I’ll try to do my best to get what orders I can out, but I’ll need to stay close at hand for the next several days. No word yet on how this will effect our upcoming competitions. Bare with me while I get things situated.


Joe Kuster

Owner – Slackline Express