Always Use Protection

note: this post contains reference to dinosaur violence and barely contained dirty jokes. May not be suitable for all.

Did you ever see some weirdo in the park wrapping cardboard around a tree and wonder just what the hell they were doing and why? Well, in their own cheap kind of way, they’re taking care of the trees. clip_image002

Did you know that a tree and a slackline can be as damaging to one another as a zombie raptor and a dude with a shotgun? Take a moment and visualize this. While the slackline is rubbing some of the bark off the tree, the tree’s abrasiveness is ripping at the weave of the webbing and the stitching if there is any. Unless there’s padding.

Believe it or not, cardboard is one of the more popular options for padding a slackline. There are many other ways as well: carpet scraps, old towels, old t-shirts, fun noodles, and probably a lot more that we’ve never even heard of. But my young grasshoppers, there is another way.

We, Slackline Express, sell several different kinds of padding to protect your wood. They are specially made to work with a slackline, unlike those options mentioned above. Oh, and we are the ONLY slackline company that designs padding for trees. Maybe it’s because we actually care rather than just providing lip service to the masses. Not that I’m bitter. *mumble mumble eaten mumble velociraptors mumble grrrr*

paddingOur longest running padding type is the webbing sleeves. These are one foot long segments threaded on your tree slings. They basically act as a barrier between the bark and your webbing. Instead of sliding down the tree, the webbing sleeves allow the slings to roll.  foam

Some months ago, the boss-man came up with a new option: foam. It isn’t exactly suitable for hard-barked trees, but it does marvelously with the softer varieties.

gympadding On Monday, 24 August 2009, we will release the Simply Marvelous padding. It’s a more dense variety of foam, very sturdy. From LOTS of experience, it’s the best protection available. Words can’t even describe how amazing it is. If needed, it could probably save you from a T-rex. Well, maybe not, but it’s pretty badass in spite of that.

So what I’d like you to do is protect your wood. And eat your veggies. Or the dinosaurs will eat you.image